Citations are more than just a number, they represent the scientific conversation.

scite Citation Statement Search lets you find evidence-based information from research articles about virtually any topic.

Unlock the power of citations

When a citation happens between two papers, the citing paper makes direct references to the cited paper within its various sections.

Each of these in-text references, called a Citation Statement, represents the dialogue between researchers as they communicate findings and build on scholarly literature.

Now, you can search them directly.

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For facts and figures

Williamsburg rents have risen [insert fact] percent since [insert year]

Try searching: Williamsburg rents rise

To find useful references

What is the chromosome missegregation rate in HeLa Cells?

Try searching: Chromosome missegregation rate hela

So you can laugh

What do researchers say about chocolate?

Try searching: Chocolate

Unlike other full text academic search engines, we show you exactly why and where search terms were used in papers by displaying the textual context, the section of the paper, and more, to help you find what you need faster.

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